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Harder-Sound studio has survived the wild fluctuations of running a specialized home recording studio since 1980 something. Dedicating your life to music necessitates a broad skill set: live sound, studio sound, installation sound, music recording, music production, narration and voice-over recording, mixing, playing... these are all parts of the whole that is Harder Sound. If you require a skill I don't have,  I am connected to a large network of talent in many fields across technical and creative divides... which isn't so much a divide as a continuum.... you know what I mean.  Just ask.

Survivre aux aléas de la vie en musique depuis les années 80 requiert plusieurs habiletés. Le son dans toutes ses formes: live,  en studio, en installation; l'enregistrement, le mix, la production, la voix, la narration, l' instrumentation... Vous n'avez qu'à demander et si je n'ai pas ce que vous recherchez, j'ai accès à tout un réseau d'artistes et de techniciens pro.



Video and commercial productions: Mate and Orchard Productions, XYZ, Viking International Cruise line, The Canadian Center for Architecture, Catherine Picard

The National Film Board of Canada/ L'Office National du film, Credits:  Tiananmen Square, Vann "Pianoman" Walls, Fripes de choix, guenilles de roi, Referendum Take 2/Prise 2, Helicopter Canada...,

Independent music: Steven Morris, George Ungar, Jo Joe, The Maytone, Lynn Taitt, Phyllis Dillon, Winston Grennan, Jesse Stone, Florent Sivell, Stereo Hot Box, Claire Jean-Charles, Aldwin Albino, Martin Albino, The Reluctants, Wadadli, George Palmer, Madi Simmons, Marven Denis, Edwin Durival, LSB at Skol

Art production & installations : Leonard and Bina Ellen Gallery, Concordia University Faculty of Fine Art, Devora Neumark Les Filles Electriques, Engrenage Noir



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